5 Resolutions for the New Semester

1. Don't skip your 8am As a student, there are few things worse than getting stuck in an early class when you're not a morning person. It can feel like a semester-long personal torture session, but as tempting as it is to sleep in and get the notes from a classmate later, this year, try … Continue reading 5 Resolutions for the New Semester

Study Spots Around the ‘Burg

With finals fast approaching, you're probably frustrated to realize your favorite campus study spot has been overtaken. Not to worry, there are plenty of places around Harrisonburg that have room to accommodate hard-working students, many within easy walking distance of campus. Whether you like to learn while sipping on a latte and enjoying a little … Continue reading Study Spots Around the ‘Burg

5 Ways to Survive Midterms

This semester is in full-swing and this can only mean one thing: that's right, midterms are here. Although nobody is looking forward to an influx in research papers, group projects, and seemingly impossible exams, there are numerous ways to leave midterms with both your mental health intact and a happy GPA. Tips for Surviving Midterms: Get Organized- … Continue reading 5 Ways to Survive Midterms

Finals Week for Different Majors

All finals are not created equally. Some majors have final papers, some have finals exams, and others have projects or presentations. Here's an rough depiction of what JMU students will be thinking next week. Business These students are learning all there is about the economy, stocks, accounting, and finance. To endure their suffering, they'll be … Continue reading Finals Week for Different Majors