10 Things I Learned from JMU

College is a time of soul-searching and self-discovery. My friends and I have done a lot of growing up since embarking on our college journeys, and we credit a lot of it to the amazing experiences James Madison University has granted us in our four years here. With senior year coming to a close and … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned from JMU

Where to bring your family this JMU Family Weekend

As much as we love the independence of living parent-free, there is a certain ping of excitement knowing that some familiar faces will be in Harrisonburg this coming weekend for Family Weekend (9/30-10/2). Now we all know how much we love Harrisonburg, but how we do we make our families love it just as much … Continue reading Where to bring your family this JMU Family Weekend


Macrock XIX is this weekend! (April 1st & 2nd) Do you know what Macrock is? Macrock stands for Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference. It was founded in 1996 as an arm of WXJM, the JMU college radio station (see previous WXJM article here). Macrock features bands from all over the country performing at venues all around Downtown Harrisonburg. They also … Continue reading MACROCK!

Student Org. Spotlight: Madison Marauders

In passing, you may have noticed a group of students running about on the UREC turf, shouting at one another, while holding brooms between their legs. It’s JMU’s very own Quidditch team practicing their sport. An international phenomenon amongst college campuses and communities, the game is a sight to behold; Dodgeballs are flying, broomsticks are … Continue reading Student Org. Spotlight: Madison Marauders

The New and Improved UREC

Tons of JMU students are involved in all types of fitness activities, including jogging with friends, joining sports teams or hitting the gym. When it comes to the gym, thankfully, JMU has a University Recreation Center (UREC) where students have lots of options for keeping up their well-being. As of now part of UREC is under construction (where there used to be … Continue reading The New and Improved UREC