Keeping up the Spirit with Winter Sports

With the recent FCS Championship Football win under our belt, lets continue the momentum and keep up that duke spirit! Cheer on your fellow Duke athletes at the sporting events going on this winter season. There’s clearly been a lot of excitement surrounding the fact that our football Dukes are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Whether you watched the game … More Keeping up the Spirit with Winter Sports

Review of John Mayer’s Album “The Search for Everything- Wave One”

It has been a long almost three and a half years since John Mayer last released music. As he previously stated, Mayer is releasing more songs than he ever has in any one single year. He is releasing four songs a month from his new album The Search for Everything, until the whole album is … More Review of John Mayer’s Album “The Search for Everything- Wave One”

The Frisco Experience

Imagine going to an airport in Baltimore and you walk through security to see every other person wearing purple. You get on the plane to Dallas and find that the seats are lined with JMU shirts. The flight attendant even announces, “Go Dukes!” through the mic. Picture yourself walking through Dallas to see JMU students, alumni and … More The Frisco Experience

MLK Jr. Day Events

On January 16th, we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He changed the way that we thought, he moved us to tears, and tried to put an end to segregation. Needless to say, he is a very influential figure in not only the United States’ history, but the world’s history. … More MLK Jr. Day Events