Motivation for Finals (And Life)

It's the time where your semester grades all come down to the wire. All the pressure can cause some to focus and some to fold. You may guess that the most successful people in the world are those who focus when the pressure comes down. One final exam is nothing but a blip on your life's timeline, … Continue reading Motivation for Finals (And Life)

Earth Day at the Arboretum

Happy (almost) Earth Day, Dukes! The 47th Earth Day is tomorrow and a great way to celebrate is by visiting JMU's own Arboretum. The Edith J. Carrier Arboretum is located on University Blvd and it's open every day year round from dawn till dusk! It's one of the most beautiful and relaxing spots on campus and … Continue reading Earth Day at the Arboretum

Get in the Ball – Knockerball Harrisonburg

Looking for a fun group activity offered right here in the Shenandoah Valley? Look no further than Knockerball Harrisonburg for a bumping good time. Knockerball Harrisonburg gives groups a great opportunity to work together as a team, get a lot of exercise, and have a great time together. Check out how much fun the Daily … Continue reading Get in the Ball – Knockerball Harrisonburg

An Inside Look at a Centennial Scholar

There is a small group of students at JMU who have something a bit special. These incredibly motivated and successful students are known as the Centennial Scholars. The Centennial Scholarship Program (CSP) provides specific scholarships to students with outstanding GPA's for their college tuition. The CSP "strives to build students' confidence in their academic and … Continue reading An Inside Look at a Centennial Scholar

JMU Spring Photos

Spring has sprung, Dukes! And campus sure is showing it's beauty! Flowers are popping up everywhere and the leaves are all coming back to the trees. Featured below are some beautiful shots of campus from fellow students, alumni, and community members. We want to see more of your spring photos! Post your photos of campus with the … Continue reading JMU Spring Photos

JMU’s Top Professors: Dr. Warner

The man that has given arguably the best speeches at orientation, graduation, and other clubs and events, rightfully has a perfect 5.0 on the Rate My Professor website. Dr. Warner never fails to captivate an audience of any size with his extremely inspirational speeches. After meeting him, it's nearly impossible to not walk away with a smile and … Continue reading JMU’s Top Professors: Dr. Warner

Student Awarded Civic Fellowship

Fellowship programs award students around the country that exemplify outstanding civic engagement. JMU Junior, Margaret "Magi" Linscott, was recognized as one of the 2017 Newman Civic Fellowship winners for her advocacy work on campus. Maagi is a Junior studying Public Policy and Administration and WRTC (Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication). Her work advocating for multiple issues on … Continue reading Student Awarded Civic Fellowship

“The Search for Everything” Album Review

On April 14, 2017, the complete album of "The Search for Everything" was finally released. This album is a combination of all Mayer's styles in one. It has jazzy and bluesy tracks, but also pop tunes and a few rock ballads. Since the album was released in two waves of four songs each, there were only … Continue reading “The Search for Everything” Album Review

Why Should You Apply for The Daily Duke

Why should you apply for an internship with The Daily Duke? Well, instead of writing a mushy-gushy blog post telling you all of the wonderful reasons you should apply for this PAID internship, I'll just let The Daily Duke team tell you themselves: Make sure to apply by April 21st at 5pm by clicking here! … Continue reading Why Should You Apply for The Daily Duke

Discover Harrisonburg Parks

There's no better way to take advantage of the 70 degree weather than to go to a local park. Harrisonburg has quite a few locations that are ideal for JMU student cookouts, sports, organization retreats, and great places to hangout with your pets. All of these parks are also within a very short driving distance … Continue reading Discover Harrisonburg Parks