Dear #JMU21

Dear #JMU21,  Take it from me, a senior wishing she was a freshman, the best way to ensure a positive college experience is by getting as involved as you can during your time at JMU. Of course you’ll be sure to meet people through your dorms and classes, but clubs are another way you can … More Dear #JMU21

President’s Day!

Today is President’s Day! A time to look back on our nation’s history and the men who helped shape it. The holiday itself was actually established way back in 1855 in recognition of George Washington. The federal government still refers to it as “Washington’s Birthday” even though Washington was born two days later on the … More President’s Day!

Dear #JMU21,

Dear #JMU21, Don’t take living in the dorms for granted. As you prepare to move into a shared space, you are probably yearning for the days to have a space you can entirely call your own, dreaming of not having to share with a new stranger. As a Senior who is about to graduate, with … More Dear #JMU21,

Sports Recap

ICYMI: Here’s what happened this past weekend in sports with the Dukes! Women’s Basketball: JMU vs. Elon, JMU won 61-54 Amber Porter and Savannah Felgemacher scored career-high points in this game Men’s Basketball: JMU vs. Delaware, JMU lost in a close game 57-58 It was a fight to the buzzer with the Dukes up 57-55 in … More Sports Recap

JMU Love in the Air

Happy Valentines Day Dukes! Today you may be celebrating your love for for many different people – your significant other, family members, or friends. One love we all have in common is our love for JMU! Some couples love incorporating JMU into their wedding by inviting “Road Dawg” to join their big day!    Here is how … More JMU Love in the Air